What Should Tourists Avoid In Chicago

Wondering what should tourists avoid in Chicago keep reading. Chicago has its good parts and bad or dangerous ones. Some of the places to avoid include West Garfield Park, East Garfield Park, Englewood, North Lawndale, and Grand Crossing.

What Should Tourists Avoid In Chicago?

Am sure that you can agree with me that there is no place in the world that is 100% safe and Chicago is no exception.

Violence in the city of Chicago is known and is even documented. That should not make you fear. I went, enjoyed myself, and come back happy and unharmed.  

Other parts that you should be cautious about are West Englewood, Riverdale, South shore, and Chatham.

Summer in Chicago is something we looked forward to as a family. A family friend has always been talking about how cool her summer vacation in Chicago was. We were all excited to see all the nice beach bars, museums, boats, and music venues.

Chicago is full of proud, positive, and welcoming people. Generally speaking, Chicago is a place you can enjoy as a tourist.

As you enjoy, there are things you can do and others to avoid. The things that you can do are visit the Art Institute of Chicago.

You can have a walk through the millennium park, and stroll around the navy pier. The museum of science and industry is also a place you cannot miss and it is open for all.

 My sister enjoyed watching the water show at Buckingham fountain. Visiting a field museum of natural history is memorable and not to forget a tour or a game at Wrigley field is among the things we did and you can also do. There are other things we can advise you not to do in Chicago.

Some of these things are: –

Avoid Paying For A View In Chicago

If you visit the Willis Towers you will be required to pay $20 just to walk out on the ledge. To me, that is a lot and not to forget the long lines that are very frustrating.

I prefer other places that you can get great views of the city for free and without a lot of strain. On the 96th Hancock building, there is a signature room bar that you can visit for free. At his place, you will enjoy the Chicago view as you take your drink.

Avoid Parking Anywhere In Chicago

Chicago traffic is horrible. I can say it is not a pleasant experience so it’s good to avoid it. We almost parked our rented car at a place we didn’t know. Some drivers were pretty aggressive and we were so stressed.

We found parking and decided to spend some time there but we paid a lot for it. We didn’t even reach our destination. I can recommend that you use public transport to get around.

There are strict parking rules in Chicago.

They say you are not supposed to park more than 12 inches from the curb and park 20 feet away from a crosswalk. If you park less than 20 feet away from the stop signs then you get into trouble.

You are also not supposed to park on a sidewalk parkway. There are so many rules in Chicago to understand in the short period that you are there on a visit.

Avoid Visiting Chicago During Winter 

If you visit Chicago during the winter the snow and ice can be very dangerous. An icicle falling from a high building can even cost one’s life.

If you happen to find yourself there then heed to the signs. Don’t just stand around especially at a place where there might be ice falling and maybe you are doing nothing.

The roads get slippery during winter in Chicago. The ice and slush make it harder to walk in. You will be forced to invest in good quality warm clothes. You don’t want to experience staying in the car while you are supposed to be having fun because of the cold.

We enjoyed our time in the museums with fewer crowds. There is ice skating in safer places if you don’t want to stay indoors.

Don’t Stay In One Part Of The City

Visitors to Chicago stay in the loop and river north areas mostly. The loop gets pretty quiet after working hours.

They don’t know that there are very cool neighborhoods and suburbs of Chicago to explore. The loop gets pretty quiet after working hours. Public transport makes this easy.

Staying in one part of the city will make you not explore other areas. You can look for art in unexpected places and enjoy the safe shores of Lake Michigan. 

Avoid Englewood or Washington Park

The reason I say that you should avoid Englewood is not because of security. Englewood does not have any interesting tourist sites.

I read somewhere that you are supposed to avoid the southern side and I still wonder why. Crime can happen anytime and anywhere just uses your sense, instinct and be careful.

If you don’t want to play tourist, live like Chicagoans. They will go to any restaurant, activities, and culture. We walked on the southern side specifically Oakland and never had issues.  

However, Englewood has been consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

Avoid Chicago If You Are On A Diet

You will have a hard time if you are in Chicago on a diet. The food in Chicago has huge portions with lots of meat and grease.

I love pizzas but believe me when I say that I struggled to eat more than a piece. The deep-dish pizzas are baked with layers of dough and topped with thick layers of cheese.

Chicago has some great restaurants. If you ask for ketchup for your hotdog you will get strange looks. There is a distinct style of hot dog that’s also local pride.

They serve hotdogs with chopped onions, yellow mustard, tomato slices, dill pickle relish, and celery salt.     

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Chicago has a reputation for being dangerous and having crime-hidden areas. At night it’s always good to use a taxi and only to places you are familiar with. I loved the fashionable stores, galleries, museums, and major sites.   

Boystown is large, vibrant, and has the city’s best nightlife. Alinea is one of the best restaurants in Chicago and can also be counted in the world.

Chicago reported over 50 million visitors last year. Don’t be left out this year and I hope this article on what should tourists avoid in Chicago was helpful. Enjoy your trip to Chicago and follow us on Pinterest.

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