Would You Rather Live In Colorado Or Texas

Would you rather live in Colorado or Texas, is a question I asked myself at some point in my life. My final decision was informed by several factors. It is normal to look at a place and wonder whether it fits your likes and preferences.

A decision on where to live is more serious than just pointing at a map or reading what other people have written or love. It ultimately depends on you as an individual.

The cost of living and income will also determine where you will live. If your friends are near, you may be tempted to choose that place.

Closeness to work will help you choose a location close to where you are employed, and the culture of the people is a point to consider while choosing where to live.

I will write the good things and the bad things about Colorado and Texas according to my experiences.

Would You Rather Live In Colorado Or Texas?

From the things to expect, you will be able to get ideas on whether to choose Colorado or Texas. For best results narrow down your options from culture, arts, food, lifestyle, and cost among others.

Some of the things I considered were: – closeness to the mountains, access to a healthier lifestyle, adventure with less work, closer proximity to friends, and a better chance to get outside and explore easily.

Here are the things you expect in Colorado:

Dry Atmosphere

The air in Colorado is really dry. I had to moisturize my skin often. You will need to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Colorado is a desert, especially in summer.

The air feels dry because of little humidity. A lot of water comes from snowmelt stored in reservoirs.

It takes time to adjust to the altitude

Everywhere in Colorado has an elevation change. At times elevation is gained and other times it is lost. This causes flu, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue at times to some people. To avoid these side effects, eat energy foods, and hydrate properly.   

Marijuana culture is the norm

Some cities in Colorado sell marijuana openly. It is a normal thing and it’s the order of the day. It is legal though and some will even offer it to you for free. I lived in Boulder and the smell could come to the house like am the one using it.

Weather changes quickly

The weather in Colorado can change in an instant and an expectedly. Yesterday can be hot and humid without clothes and today you will have to put on multiple layers of clothing. It’s always good to keep an extra jacket, sunscreen, and a pair of shoes in your car always.     

The housing market is expensive

Colorado’s housing market is very expensive. The demand for housing is very high compared to the supply. Good apartments can be hard to find in Colorado. However, pet owners fit this dog-friendly environment.

Job growth and services are expanding

The cities in Colorado have expanded. Jobs and positions are now more readily available compared to the past. The population is also growing and has more infrastructures. There are active adventures and outdoor lifestyles.

The art culture is booming

There is a unique cuisine that comes with unique art and theater cultures. You can enjoy a variety of museums, plays, and exciting activities.

Denver Art Museum has presided over many educational and thrilling exhibits. The Botanical Gardens are gorgeous and peaceful.

Things to expect Moving to Texas

Firing up a barbecue grill shaped like a gun

Barbecuing is a huge deal in Texas. Austin is one of the places which you cannot miss and has fine dining and track stops.

Barbecues can help keep your household sane this summer. It will be a fantastic cooking activity with a little bit of sauce, especially when the weather is good.

There are lots of options to satisfy your wandering palate. Not only about the barbecue but also the fresh guacamole that waters everyone’s mouth.

I can say cooking in the garden or yard is fun especially when you are with friends. Some of the things you can barbecue are chicken legs, grilled fish, grilled oysters with bacon. 

Live music

Texas is famous for its live music scene. It’s like part of the state’s culture. All types of music are available. Tejano, hip-hop, blues, bluegrass, among others.

Texas has many legendary music venues. Some of them include the Gruene Hall, the blue rock artist ranch and studio, the white-water amphitheater, and John T.   

Live music is fun because performers interact with the audience. This gives the event a real boost. Jumping around, shouting, and letting you be free is a lot of fun and great exercise.  

Live music helps me find the inspiration that I need. I discover new music and improve my general sense of well-being.

Reasonable cost of living

Unlike in Colorado, the cost of living in Texas is reasonable. There is no personal income tax or state income tax. Homeowners pay taxes. Sales taxes are lower than expected. Residents set up businesses with more money to spend and own nicer apartments.

Texas is perfect for outdoor activities

The weather in Texas makes the place excellent for outdoor activities. You can hike and bike throughout the state.

Some parks can help you to participate in bird watching and lake viewing. Many Texas neighborhoods are walkable. You can largely get around on foot if you pick the right neighborhood.     

Some of the fun outdoor activities in Texas include camping, hiking, biking, canoeing, sailing, horseback riding, among others.

Guns are a fact of life

Concealed weapons are all over Texas. Many households own more than one gun. It is also not wrong to use guns during hunting season. It can be scary if you are not used to hearing guns fired for fun.

Though not followed, current state rules require those carrying handguns to have a license. You require enough training and background checks.     

Do You Prefer Colorado or Texas?

Just like I said before, whether to live in Colorado or Texas depends on what you love. Colorado wins without a fight in outdoor activities. You will get deserts, plains, canyons, and mountains in Colorado.

For people who love autocracy, corporate, or have religious interests then Texas is the place for them.

I hope this article on would you rather live in Colorado or Texas took you closer to making your decision. Follow me on Visiting Travelers Pinterest for more.

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