Why Is Minnesota Known As The Land Of 10000 Lakes

Find out why is Minnesota known as the land of 10000 lakes in this post. Minnesota is known for its many lakes of different shapes and sizes. The lakes have existed for many years and are used for different purposes.

Minnesota is one of the best places to live in America for there is excellent housing. You will have access to good schools and many chances of getting employment. Minnesota is the 12th largest U.S. state. 

It is home to twin cities Minneapolis and Saint Paul. In Minnesota, it is not only about the lakes but also home to fortune 500 companies. There are General Mills and has the largest mall in the U.S.

Why Is Minnesota Known As The Land Of 10000 Lakes?

Minnesota is known as the land of 10000 lakes because of its many lakes, 11842 to be exact. 8.4% of Minnesota’s area is water compared to the state average of 7 %. To say that Minnesota is the land of 10000 lakes is a true statement.

Minnesota has so many nicknames; it is called the North Star State, the Bread-and-Butter State, the Wheat State, the Gopher State, and the New England of the West.

In the glacial periods, Minnesota was covered in a huge glacier. The push of the glacier left many large potholes.

The lakes are a source of state pride as well as a popular destination for second homes. Recreations include swimming, fishing, boating, and ice sailing. The lakes lie on over 10 acres in size.

I enjoyed the beautiful country’s glimpse of sunshine and sunsets shimmering across the water. I could not hold the joy while winding around the curves and hills especially where lakeshores form the land.   

Minnesota waters flow in 3 directions. These 3 directions are- North to Hudson Bay in Canada, the East to the Atlantic Ocean, and the South to the Gulf of Mexico.

Are There Really 10000 Lakes In Minnesota?

Lake Superior is one of the most fascinating lakes in Minnesota. It is also the world’s largest freshwater lake. From what I saw and experienced Minnesota at large is one of the best states in the country to visit.

There are many other lakes that are well known while others are less known. Some of the lakes that you will come across in Minnesota include Mille Lacs Lake, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Vermilion, Lake Winnebagos, Leech Lake, Lake of the Woods, Lake Harriet, and Gull Lake among other 10000’s of lakes.

5 Ways To Enjoy Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes

Take a cruise

Taking a cruise in Minnesota offers great value for your vacation. The fare includes everything you need for a fantastic trip. There is food, accommodation, transportation between travel destinations, and daytime and evening entertainment. The cost is cheaper than an on-land dinner, a show, and accommodation.

The cruise ships in Minnesota are family-friendly and fun for all ages. They have kids facilities split by age, video games are available, swimming pools, and a kids club. Some of them have spas for singles and also for couples.

There are also dance workshops, yoga, educational lectures, sushi bars, comedy, and live music.

Play at the beach

Minnesota beaches are fun to be in. There are endless activities like kayaking, fishing, boating, canoeing, paddleboarding, and paddle boating.

The best family beaches include Park Point beach which has spacious shorelines and endless views. There are amenities like beach volleyball courts, grills, and picnic tables. You will also get a playground for your kids of all ages.

Lake Harriet South Beach has soft fine sand for making sculptures. The waters are gentle and shallow towards the shore and therefore great for swimming. The charcoal grills with yummy barbecue will water your mouth. You can take your meals at the picnic shelters away from the sun.

Other beaches include Itasca State Park Beach, Square Lake Park beach, Lake Nokomis Main Beach, and the Bde Maka Ska 32nd Street beach.


The notion of paddleboarding may seem intimidating but there are a lot of protected places in Minnesota. There is relatively flat water where you can explore and get a feel for the lake.

You can see the big lake boats without worrying whether they see you. Medicine Lake has plenty of sea room with excellent places to launch your board.

Paddlers in the South Metro will enjoy the ease of access and natural beauty of Bryant shoreline. The best places to paddleboard in Minnesota are the Chain of lakes, Cuyuna Mine lakes, Lake Minnetonka, Christmas Lake, Lake Superior, Medicine Lake, and many more.

Go fishing

Minnesota is a state with incredible fishing. Some of the fish you will get are Largemouth, Bass, Sauger, Crappie, Catfish, Brook trout, Splake among many species.

Fishing in Minnesota can guarantee you a big fish. Some exceptional catches include 45 pounds 12-ounce northern pike. 54-pound Muskie, 38-pound channel catfish, 70-pound flathead catfish have been caught.

If you happen to visit in winter, participate in ice fishing. Minnesota has high-tech equipment and creature comforts available for ice fishing.   


Boating in Minnesota is accessible to the public. If you don’t have your boat there are plenty of rentals available. You cannot be allowed to operate a watercraft if you are under 12 years and the horsepower is greater than 25.

Operators who are 13 years of age must be under direct supervision at all times. You are required to acquire a Minnesota Watercraft Operator’s Permit to operate a motorized boat. This happens when the boat is over 25 horsepower if you age between 12- 17 years.  

Spend the night  

I had a great time with friends at Minnesota lakes. We had booked for a few weeks at the Lakeside Resort. Some other people spent their night at the campground. I can say we experienced the lakeside and had fun doing it. We watched the sunsets amid vivid purples and pinks.

The distinctive call of loons across the water made it worth it. At nightfall, we roasted a marshmallow at the campfires. The sky was twinkling at the perfect end of the day. It was enjoyable and would love to do it over and over.

The lakes mostly operate from 9:30 am to sunset but fishing is allowed at night.

Minnesota The Land of 10000 Lakes

Minnesotans are very friendly. The residents have a unique way of appreciating visitors. Many people enjoy fishing, swimming, canoeing, boating, and other outdoor activities.

I hope this post helped you understand why is Minnesota known as the land of 10000 lakes. Follow Visiting Travelers Pinterest for more.

Why Is Minnesota Known As The Land Of 10000 Lakes

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