Why Are There Two Colorado Rivers

Wondering why are there two Colorado rivers, keep reading. One of the Colorado rivers is named after the state while the second one is named after the color of the water.

Why Are There Two Colorado Rivers?

There are two Colorado rivers because one is in Colorado and the other one is in Texas. The main Colorado River starts in Colorado and goes southwest in the state and Utah.

How Many Colorado Rivers Are there?

There are two Colorado Rivers. One of the main stem Colorado River flows through Parker Valley and passes on the west slope of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Coloradans have nicknamed their state the mother of rivers. The major rivers which are the Arkansas, Rio Grande, and Colorado provide water to one in 10 Americans.

Where Does The Colorado river Start?

The first Colorado River starts by heading west then south through Arizona before fashioning the California- Arizona border. The river then drains in the Gulf of California. The total length of this river is 1450 miles.

The seven western states that have an interest in the big Colorado River include Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The Colorado River is used for recreation with dozens of national parks, natural forests, and national recreation areas.

Where does the Colorado river start and end in Texas?

The second Colorado River starts and ends in Texas. The river runs through Texas from just south of Lubbock through Austin. It then flows into the Gulf of Mexico at Matagorda Bay.

Though the Colorado River in Texas starts and ends in the same state, it has become of great importance to the economy. The river supports many different communities and ecosystems.

The name Colorado comes from the color of most of the upper section. The color of the soil is typically red or brown (Colorado is a Spanish name for Red). The naming was done by different people at different times.   

Colorado is home to more than 107000 miles of rivers. Some arise in the state and others pass through. They help in filling the lakes and reservoirs around the state. Water has played a great role in Colorado’s history.

When people speak of the Colorado River, they put the adjective mighty before. This is because it compasses parts of 7 U.S and two Mexican states. There indeed are two Colorado Rivers, let us see why.

Colorado River Facts and Water Activities

Though drought and climate change hit the Colorado River hard, the river has various activities all year round.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding through the canyons of the Colorado River is allowed without a permit so no need to worry. The stretch is in Arizona between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry. As you paddle along the river there is a waterfall on the canyon wall to your right.

The water is pristine and filtered through hundreds of sandstone rocks. At the right, there is a small crescent-shaped beach hanging garden for a photo stop. Paddleboarding is a family-friendly activity that is fun and exciting for a variety of abilities.

Stand-up paddleboarding has become increasingly popular in Colorado.


Boating at the Colorado River is allowed. There are no constraints for engine use, boat size, or speed. There are kayaks, rafts, canoes, and personal watercraft. Jet boats and fishing boats are allowed.

The Colorado River has something for everyone. No matter what type of boating adventure you want, the secluded coves and acres of placid waters make your adventure enjoyable and extendable.

The Moab Jet Boat Tours took us into spectacular river scenery bordering Canyonlands National Park. The boats were new and well equipped. We explored the calm water sections down river from Moab. The trips revealed spectacular remote canyons of exquisite beauty.


The lower section of Colorado is the best for fishing. You can do best using a drift boat. Streamer fishing is the most productive way to hook into large fish. A valid Arizona fishing license is a requirement for age 10 and above.

Game fish species are commonly found in the Colorado River. The small and largemouth bass, the channel catfish, bluegill, sunfish, striped bass are popular catches throughout the year.

March to November is the prime fishing season for everyone. Crappies swim into the shallows in the spring. If you get in deep waters, you can catch a walleye.


Kayaking the whole Colorado River is possible without exiting the boat. You can kayak most of it and park transportation at either end. Kayaking in the Colorado River is suitable for experts or intermediate paddlers. Beginners can kayak between South Canyon and Cameo.

Kayak rentals at the Colorado River range from $25 for a single inflatable to $45 for a tandem inflatable. These costs include floating devices and paddles.

The relaxing effects of kayaking are so profound that once you are used to it, they become addictive. Kayaking at the Colorado River is the best place to explore and have fun.

If you want to stay dry a sit-inside kayak is a good option. It’s good to carry spare paddles, a repair kit, and a map while kayaking. Water is also good for your body while kayaking.


For us to have enough fun, it took us 7 days in a motorized raft for the Canyon experience. You can take even more days to enjoy rafting the Colorado River. You simply can’t get enough rivers rafting if you are a fan of it.

Rafting at the Colorado River brought the most exhilarating river vacations in the world. Any trip along the river was an adventure of a lifetime.

We conquered the west’s best short whitewater trip and experienced Moab Utah’s legendary red rock on an off-road Hummer Safari. At 100 miles you will chasm through the heart of Canyonlands National Park. The whitewater on the majestic Grand Canyon makes the trip a perfect introduction to rafting.

There is a cattle ranch at the rim of the Grand Canyon where you can enjoy horseback riding as you continue with your raft.


The two Colorado Rivers have a great economic impact. The two have contributed to the national economy. Colorado River has become a vital source of water for agriculture. 40 million people benefit from Colorado Rivers.

Visible pollution has damaged aquatic ecosystems. The Colorado River has become the backbone of human civilization. The two rivers also nourish the entire ecosystem and provide important habitats for native plants and animals.

Since 1971 Colorado Rivers has had thousands of guests from all over the world. You can be counted as one this year.

I hope now you have the answer to why are there two Colorado Rivers? Enjoy yourself if you decide to visit and also follow me on Visiting Travelers Pinterest for more.

Why Are There Two Colorado Rivers facts

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