Which US State Has The Most Lakes

If you want to know which US state has the most lakes, keep reading. All the US states have many lakes that can be found in different shapes and sizes. The lakes are relatively large bodies of slowly moving or standing water.

Which US State Has The Most Lakes?

The US state with the most lakes is Alaska. The state has 3197 officially named natural lakes and 3 million unnamed natural lakes.

The state also has the 5th longest individual river in the world and is the only state with a native polar bear population. Alaska also has the largest total area of water which is close to 94, 743 square miles.    

Alaska indeed has over 3 million lakes. Minnesota is the second state with the most lakes and also has the most named lakes.

Though Alaska’s lakes are not named the size is a considerable advantage. From a numerical standpoint, Alaska has the most lakes but can’t boast the most lakes per capita. These are some of the well-known lakes in Alaska.

Iliamna Lake 

Iliamna Lake has the largest body of freshwater. Many rivers and streams drain into that lake. It is home to a unique population of globally rare seals. The lake is 80 miles long and 25 miles wide and the area covers 1150 square miles.

The lake drains southwest through the Kvichak River into Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea. The lake has several islands like a porcupine, triangle, seal, and flat.

Lake Iliamna is located at the northern end of the Alaska Peninsula. The lake draws fishermen from all over the world. You will get lodges focusing on fly fishing for the rainbow.

Iliamna Lake Monster is an aquatic amphibian reported to abide in the small Alaskan fishing village of Iliamna. Native tales call it the beast that roams the waters.

They say that the mysterious animal is dark and longer than 15 feet. Some say that it has a long head, tail, and distinct fins.

Kenai Lake

Kenai is a beautiful large glacial lake in Alaska. The lake is 22 miles and 540 feet deep. The lake is fed by snowy and trail rivers. Many people enjoy its abundant populations of rainbow trout.

Motorboats are allowed on the lake. There is a portion of the lake that allows kayaking.

There are multiple fishing guides and boating services. You should not worry about where to eat for the restaurants will take care of that.

I and my sister enjoyed the horseback riding and the mountain biking around the lake. In Kenai, the summers are long, cool, and mostly cloudy.

The winters are long, freezing, snowy, windy, and partly cloudy. The temperatures vary from 12° F to 64 °F and below -12°F or above 70°F. The best time to visit is mid-July to mid-August when you can have fun without fear.

Skilak Lake

Skilak is a large lake on the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. The water of the lake is exceptionally clear with a mostly rocky bottom. The lake is a rare combination of accessibility and Alaskan wilderness called miniature Alaska.

Skilak Lake is fed by the Kenai River and melts water from the Skilak glacier on the east end of the lake. Skilak is 15 miles long and 4 miles wide. The lake’s depth is 528 feet. This deep lake in a valley was carved by past glaciers.

Many people fish from the shores of the lake. The lake was better suited for boat fishing. Spring and fall are great times to fish for Kenai rainbow and Mackinaw Lake trout, they are firm yet oily when cooked.

You can visit the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and find black bears, moose, wolves, coyotes, lynx, and beavers.         

Aleknagik Lake

Lake Aleknagik is 20 miles long and 2.5 miles wide located in Alaska. The lake has been historically used as a summer fish camp.

From June to mid-November, the lake is ice-free. If you want to visit the village of Aleknagik, move towards the southeast shore.

Lake Aleknagik state recreation site is the gateway to Wood Tikchik State Parks. Accommodations, boats, and floatplanes are available. Many of Alaska’s lakes are only reachable by air or boat.

The state owns and operates a 100 dock on the north shore. At Aleknagik you can visit the museum, relax and spend time at the library. You can take kids out to entertainment joints.

Becharof Lake

Becharof Lake is 37 miles long and 23 miles wide. It is the second-largest lake in Alaska. The lake is 600 feet deep.

The 300000-acre lake serves as a nursery for the world’s 2nd largest run of sockeye salmon. Bristol Bay fishery alone has six million adult salmon per year. The salmon attract and feed brown bears in Alaska.

Becharof Lake offers visitors hunting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife. The lake ranks eighth on the list of largest lakes in the US. Animals migrate through winter, whales, lions, sea otters, and harbor seals are found offshore.   

The drainage feeding the lake provides a habitat for nesting waterfowl, moose, songbirds, and small metatherian. Boating is not common because access is made challenging by rapids.

Lake Minchumina

Lake Minchumina is located 65 miles north of mount Mckinley in Alaska. The temperature in Alaska ranges from 400 to 70° F in January and 350 to 90°F in July. Fishermen enjoy the lake, especially during spring and autumn.

Lake Minchumina is only reachable by air or boat. There are no road connections and visits are better in summer. The lake is 9 miles long and 6 miles wide.

In the southern part of the lake, there lies a combination of foothills and lowlands. There are very nice hotels by the lake close to Denali National Park.   

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The lakes in Alaska are too many. Some of them are in such remote locations that it’s almost impossible to get to them.

However, many of them are accessible by road, boat, or air and are used for irrigation, power generation, and local recreation.

If you ever find yourself in Alaska, make sure to visit some of the lakes. There are a lot of fun activities that you can engage in either alone or with family.

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Which US State Has The Most Lakes

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