Do You Really Need Hiking Pants

If you are wondering do you really need hiking pants? Whether to wear hiking pants or not depends on many things. To decide what you need to bring along, it’s best to consider the conditions you will encounter.

Your preferences should be informed by where you are going and the conditions ahead. The weather, the terrain, length of travel are some of the things to consider.  

Wearing hiking pants will protect you from bugs in infested areas. It’s good to carry bug sprays and sunscreen if you decide to wear shorts.

Hiking pants are lightweight and easy to dry. Most of them are made of synthetic materials. Wearing hiking pants makes you feel good and puts you in a good walking mood.   

Knowing the type of trail you will be on, the weather, how long you will be outdoors can be of great help in deciding on what to wear.  

Do You Really Need Hiking Pants?

You don’t really need hiking pants all the time especially if you are on a hike that can be completed comfortably in shorts.

Cotton is not recommended if you plan on wearing pants that are not known for hiking. Choose synthetic materials that keep you dry as you sweat more.

Pants that are below freezing are the best. Hiking pants can be restrictive and can trap heat if they are woven nylon fabric. This fabric is great for really cold weather.

I sometimes prefer wearing shorts even in wet conditions. It allows me to travel lighter and faster. The fun of walking through the waters without a second thought is the best feeling.

You always have to pack a base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer to be well prepared for a hike. What you wear may vary and it depends on your preferences.

You can choose your gear just the way you select other clothing. I always prefer outstanding freedom of movement, excellent ventilation, and no chaffing. I prefer not to take chances with the bugs and ticks.

Light compressions reduce muscle vibrations and hence reduce muscle fatigue over long distances. If you want to hike great distances with minimal fatigue compression tights will help you greatly.

I don’t wear hiking pants in the sun, I prefer sunscreen but hiking pants are more efficient. Shorts give you ultimate freedom and are cooler than pants.

If you are not keen on the material, durability, pockets, versatility, and weight, you may not end up enjoying the hike.

Advantages Of Using Hiking Pants

Hiking pants protect your skin from the sun, ticks, scrapes from bushes, and mosquitoes. If it is extremely hot especially at high altitudes then a synthetic polyester hiking pant is highly recommended.

Hiking pants protect you from mosquitoes mostly during spring and winter. Wearing hiking pants while going into the mountains with sufficient snowmelt and with standing water is memorable.   

Hiking pants with plenty of pockets are also better. This helps in the easy carriage of maps and small digital cameras.

Hiking pants made from nylon are soft and quiet, they don’t make that rubbing sound. Some items are best stored in person than on the waist pack or daypack.

Some hiking pants are very comfortable and light. Other hiking pants convert easily to shorts. These pants have zippers about a third way down.

Just unzip the lower part of the pant on each leg and the pants will become excellent hiking shorts for you to walk in.

You can wear hiking pants with boots that are comfortable, durable, and appropriate. Another advantage of hiking pants is that sweat isn’t trapped inside the pants.

Disadvantages Of Using Hiking Pants   

There are not so many disadvantages of wearing hiking pants. Only that a few people consider convertible trousers uncomfortable. Hiking pants can also get nasty after a hike. They will not smell great after a day hike.

If you will be scrambling over rocks your hiking pants may tear. You will require high-quality hiking pants to avoid that, which can be more expensive. 

Alternatives To Hiking Pants

There are many options in case you don’t have hiking pants. Leggings, running shorts, basketball shorts, joggers, cargo pants hunting pants, and jeans.

Hiking on leggings is okay because they are breathable and versatile. You can hike in them and then sit by the fire afterward.

Leggings are comfortable and outdoor appropriate. Others have weather- resistance finish; they are durable and have different designs.

Running shorts are best for fast packing and hiking on hot days. They offer incredible range and breathability. Most running shorts are made of polyester and nylon.

A cargo pant is good for hiking for it has lots of pockets for storage but should not be made from cotton.

Jeans are not recommended for hiking. However, they are good for protection; they are thick and durable. You should know that jeans get wet and don’t dry easily. Try stretchable jeans if you don’t have a choice.

Best Hiking Pants

It’s really hard to come to the conclusion on which the best hiking pants. Best hiking pants must be of high quality, must be comfortable, durable, and well-designed to fit. They usually cost more the better they are.

Lightweight clothing is good. A heavier pair of hiking pants are more ideal for rugged trips and cold weather. It’s good to try different types of hiking pants to see what works best for you.

You must put on durable pants to protect you from scrapes and bugs. If you are hiking in a particularly rugged region, you don’t need an extra durable pair.

For hiking pants to perform to their full potential they need to fit their wearer precisely. It doesn’t matter how good the hiking pants are, if they are an ill fit, then you will not be comfortable.

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Should You Get Hiking Pants

I have come to realize that the way we choose what to wear can make or break our hiking experience. So many common clothing choices can make hikers uncomfortable.

Your pants should guard you against the wind, wetness, cold, sunlight, and heat. The decision is yours to make.

When I started hiking, I didn’t have much opinion on clothes. However, over time and from experience, I have found what works for me.

I found Demin not ideal for hiking. Cotton clothes are also very uncomfortable. It’s good to choose your hiking pants wisely to enjoy the hike.

I hope this post on do you really need hiking pants convinced you to put some thought into what you will wear on your next hike. Please share it and also follow me on Visiting Travelers Pinterest for more on hiking.

Do You Really Need Hiking Pants pros and cons

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