Closest Mountains To Chicago

The closest mountains to Chicago are not very tall. I can say there are no real mountains in Chicago. The region is pretty flat but there are a few with different shapes.

Closest Mountains To Chicago

We flew a kite in the mountains and learned about plants. Bathing at waterfalls was also memorable. Most of the mountain resorts have skiable areas, unique trails, chairlifts, and restaurants.  

 Wilmot Mountain

Wilmot Mountain is located 65 miles from downtown Chicago. The mountain was formed as a result of glaciations. Wilmot Mountain was founded by Walter Stopa.

This mountain is the close option when it comes to a traditional ski resort. The Mountain is also part of Vail Resorts.

Wilmot has 25 unique runs accessed by eight chairlifts. There are three tow ropes in a separate beginner’s practice area. You will also find long green and blue runs for cruise lovers.

A terrain park is available for snowboarders interested in tricks. The mountain has opportunities for everyone to enjoy. After sharpening your skills, you can participate in the skiing racing challenge.

Wilmot has recently added tubing and it’s attracting people from all over the world. The tubing hills have 22 lanes that are over 1000 feet long. 

In Wilmot, the summers are warm and wet but the winters are freezing and snowy.

Chestnut Mountain 

Chestnut is located near Gelena 160 miles from Chicago. The mountain has 19 trails spread over 220 acres of land. It is a top ski destination with 475 feet vertical drop. You can race down 2050 feet of tailored track to the banks of Mississippi.

The mountain perches are high on a ridge overlooking the Mississippi River. At the Chestnut Mountain resort, there are amenities like an indoor pool, whirlpool, restaurant, sauna, and a lounge.

There is a Chestnut Mountain Shooting range that is fun at John’s Mountain Wildlife Management Area. 

You can take a ride either by bike or on foot on the resort’s trails and enjoy the area’s unique beauty. There is an 18-hole mini-golf course where you can put your putter to the test. 

 La Concha Mountain

La Concha peak is 1215 meters above sea level. When you look at it from the west it resembles the striated shell of a mollusk. It is fantastic to climb to the shell. The climb is challenging for the little ones.

The surface is mixed with paved stabilized decomposed granite and rocky soil. The mountain has four trails and some are rugged and challenging. These trails can be explored and enjoyed in cooler temperatures.

You require good footwear, climbing skills, and lots of water. The native environment offers an abundance of spring wildflowers.

Copper was mined in this mountain in the early ’90s. There are great picnic spot areas all around.  

Willow Mountain   

Willow Mountain is a high mountain peak and has 8211ft. Hikers should carry water, food, and keep warm for the weather is chilly and windy. The mountain was formed by volcanic processes.

The mountain rises steeply from the desert floor and falls off in sheer cliffs. It is listed in the summits category for Ravalli County.  

Enjoy recording your day on the mountain with a camera. The mountain bothies are an excellent way to explore the mountain. It is also a brilliant way to link many days together and have an adventure.  

Camping is a better way to ingress the more remote areas. We were fortunate to enjoy wild camping at Willow Mountain.

Porcupine Mountain

The Porcupine Mountains are a group of mountains spanning the northwestern upper peninsula of Michigan. The mountains have a crouching porcupine shape. In the 19th century, people used to mine copper.

By taking the Presque Isle waterfalls loop trail, you will see 3 waterfalls and scenic views. There are other trails like the Big Carp 6 Cabin Loop, overlook trappers, fall loop, backcountry campsite, and the Mirror Lake 2 Bunk Cabin Loop. A recreation passport is required for the park, rails, and sites.  

If you want to know about the geology of the Porcupine Mountain, visit the visitor’s center. Go walking in the air through the trees. Rope bridges, cable walks, and zip line descents.     

Crystal Mountain

When I hear of Crystal, my mind runs to skiing and snowboarding. There is 50 km of slopes available and 10 lifts. The elevation lies between 1,341 and 2,137 m.

The mountain has some grueling climbs, beautiful ridges, great scenery, wildflower meadows, steep sections, and alpine lakes. Mountain Karting in Crystal Mountain can guarantee thrills and amazing laughs. It can be a play of the daredevil in this mountain.

There is plenty of via Ferrata routes offering a chance to discover the mountain. Watch the sunset from an air balloon. The magic of these balloons is their meditative nature.        

Boyne Mountain

Boyne Mountain is located in Michigan. There is 14km of slopes for skiing and snowboarding. You will also get 10 lifts that transport guests. The mountain resorts offer skiing, golf, spas, and indoor water park. 

Enjoy the 500 vertical feet drop, 60 runs, and 415 skiable acres of terrain. Boyne Resorts owns golf resorts and attractions. There is an airport called Boyne Mountain Airport which services private planes only.

The resort averages 140 inches of snowfall per year and is bolstered by 90% snowmaking. 

Woodall Mountain

Woodall is the highest natural point in the Mississippi. It has 807 feet drop located just off the Mississippi Highway. There is a sign that cautions visitors to prepare for a steep, rocky, unpaved road.

Parking is available for several vehicles. There is a lightly trafficked loop trail that features a great forest. The walking trail is good for all skilled levels. 

A bristling ravine separates the eastern and western summits. Woodall can be easily accessed throughout the year. Winter storms are not severe in this part but that doesn’t mean they don’t occur. 

Gaze at the dreamy rolling green landscape as you wide through the trees. If you don’t want to hike, you can steer to the top. There are beautiful views from the top.  

Missouri Mountain

Missouri Mountain is a high mountain in the Collegiate Peaks. Missouri Gulch trailhead will help you access the Mountain. Hikers should be mindful of weather changes.

It’s advisable to start your day before sunrise to allow adequate time to finish the mountain hike safely. At the mountain, there is a trail that is 15.4 kilometers. The trail features a river and is recommended for experienced adventures.

Other than hiking you can enjoy camping and snowshoeing. Staying in shape with mountain biking is an achievement. There is plenty of ski lifts offer access to high-altitude routes.   

Mountains Near Chicago

A fun trip to the mountain is great. A bottle of champagne, once you have closed the mountain top will help you celebrate your achievement. A home-cooked meal as a picnic will help regain your lost energy. 

Enjoy your trip to the mountains and also share this post on the closest mountains to Chicago. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for travel tips.

Closest Mountains To Chicago Nearest

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