Places To Visit In Columbus Ohio

Best places to visit in Columbus Ohio that you can enjoy either as a solo traveler or with family. Columbus is known to many because it has the largest universities as well as the country’s top zoos.

Places To Visit In Columbus Ohio.

If you are looking for a place to cool your head or having a great time with family then Columbus Ohio is the place to be. The city was founded in 1812 and assumed the function of state capital in 1816.

My family decided that one of the things to do together is traveling because the memories created are fulfilling and rewarding.

We found ourselves in Columbus and decided to have some fun. I will just share some of the places we visited but you can explore more.


Clintonville is located in North- Central Columbus. The community of Clintonville developed as a center of Clinton Township named after George Clinton.

We landed at the Municipal airport and later visited the North star café in Beechwood.  The next day we visited the Navarino State wildlife area, a place with enchanting beauty.

We spotted animals like beer, turkey, and deer. The place has many more animals, I cannot name them all.

Clintonville has other recreational activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, and fishing. Chad & Jessi’s breakaway, Four-wheel Drive Museum, and Clintonville public library are places we didn’t get time to visit but plan to on our next visit.

The Short North

The Short North is an awesome neighborhood that you don’t want to miss in Columbus. The place is known as the art and soul of Columbus.

The neighborhood has some of the best art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, bars as well as coffee shops.

There are some theatres at the Short North Stage. The stage features hit musicals, cult classics, as well as performances by local dance companies. Live music at Skully’s is a worthy spot to cool your minds.

Yoga classes are available at Short North for Yoga lovers; if you are one of them then you are lucky. There is Bar hop in the area, beer Halls have a wide selection of whatever you need.

Columbus Commons/ River South

Columbus Commons is a six-acre park located in Downtown Columbus. A home to display beautiful growing works of art. There are 12 spectacular gardens.

All year round they have something to offer. Perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses, evergreens are some of the many beautiful flower arts you will find.

At the southern end of the park, you will find a carousel and a bounce house. A kinetic art in its finest form is how I can describe it. Personal photographs are allowed for free but commercial or wedding photographs are charged.

There are aerobic exercises at Columbus Commons to increase the excitement and encourage active plays. Other activities include arts and crafts, chessboard, ball play, and live concerts.


Franklinton is a neighborhood in Columbus. In this place, you will find bars, restaurants, and parks. Some of the parks can be a lot of fun. These State Parks in Columbus offer hiking, fishing, boating, and tubing.

White Sands Lake day beach is a great spot to relax. The lake is easy to swim and it goes deeper as you go further. Life jackets and other equipment are available for rent and you can get them as you need some.

German Village

The German Village is a historic neighborhood located in Columbus. The village is one of the oldest and most reassured in Columbus. The buildings and the streets look exactly like they did 150 years ago.

To experience the culture, food, and fun grab a cream puff from Schmidt’s. The German Village roots back in 1886.

You can also get lost in the Book Loft. Feel free to explore the 32 rooms of books. Unfortunately, they have dwindled in numbers in recent years.

Frank Fetch Park is a place to lounge. The place is perfect for intimate picnics and small gatherings.

Gay Street

Gay Street is located in Downtown Columbus. Experience dining with live entertainment going on. There are several restaurants, sunlight, and moonlight markets. You can get jewelry, Ohio print –shirts, and lots of other memorabilia to remind you of your visit.

Live music makes the nights get lively, food trunks to make your belly full, as well as the bars.

The Moonlight Market is held on the second Saturday of each month between April and October. I would recommend visiting during the summer to enjoy.  

Easton Town Centre

Easton Town Centre is a shopping center northeast of Columbus. The center was opened in 1999.

The place has a nice mall. There are 240 best shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Easton hosts both indoor and outdoor activities.

The outdoor shopping complex hosts concerts, holiday events, and many retail shops. You can’t miss the live music to make your day more enjoyable.

Yoga classes are also available at a small fee. The city of Gahanna is right outside the Easton area. There is a trampoline park and a Creekside Park for picnicking, paddle boating, and fishing. 

North Market 

The North Market has over many visitors yearly. It is one of Columbus’s top farmer’s markets. The market had been in operation since 1876.

Most of the bakers bake tasty pastries that will get your mouth watering. There are also butchers, fishmongers, and greengrocers which are all handy if you are cooking for yourselves.

You can also visit the local artists and craftsmen who display their wonderful works. Support them by buying some of the stuff they have for sale.

Hollywood Casino Columbus

Hollywood Casino Columbus is located in Columbus Westside. The place started its operations on October 8, 2012.

Hollywood Casino Columbus is very clean with slots, table games, and a large poker room. The place is open 24 hours and every day of the week.

Columbus Museum Of Art

Columbus Museum of Art is located in downtown Columbus, and the 1st to register its charter. It was formed in 1878 as a gallery of fine arts.

You will find collections like American and European modern art, Cubism, folk art, and many more.

The Museum also boasts the largest public collection of woodcarvings by Elija Pierce. The world’s largest repository of paintings by George Bellows is found here. As you walk explore art throughout the museum galleries.

Whetstone Park

Whetstone Park is a public park located in Columbus. The Park is the largest rose garden in Columbus. There are no charges for entering the park.

Whetstone Park has lots of picnic spaces. There is a shelter house reserved for parties and weddings. You can also walk the well-marked trails through the forest and have a great time connecting with nature.

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Final Thoughts

Columbus Ohio is one of those places that might not be on your travel bucket list. However, it is a very nice place to be.

If you find yourself there for whatever reason, purpose to enjoy the area and all that it has to offer. It has beautiful neighborhoods. There are top attractions and yummy dishes.

Whether with kids or not, Columbus will not disappoint. Art lovers will enjoy galleries and Museums.

I hope this post on the best places to visit in Columbus Ohio gave you some ideas. Please share it, that would help my blog grow. Also, follow me on Visitingtravelers Pinterest.

20 Places To Visit In Columbus Ohio

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