Best Places To Visit In The US In October

Best places to visit in the US in October that you can enjoy even after summer is gone. Visiting the US in October can offer a bit more breathing room. In the US October is also a month of cultural activities.

Best Places To Visit In The Us In October

Here are some of the places that can offer the very best in the US. This month offers thrilling sports like ice hockey, football, and basketball. It is also a great time to enjoy visits to parks and connect with nature.

Visiting New York City, New York

New York City is located on the southeastern side of New York. First, get a New York Pass. It will save 70% on regular admission prices.

I can say Central Park is a place to enjoy the beauty of the fall. They offer Central Park tours which are guided.

There is plenty of great concerts in NYC this month. There are so many performers in town. Freestyle love supreme is a Broadway Show you can see.

During October, you have a chance to watch the Village Halloween Parade. The New Yorkers flood 6th Avenue with costumes.

Do you believe in wizards and witches? The Wizard Fest is celebrated here. This festival celebrates everything in the world of wizardry and magic.

In October the chances of seeing your famous comedian perform are very high. The Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island, Statue of Liberty, and NYC skyline are best viewed on a helicopter ride.  

The Frick Museum, Wall Street Historic District, the comedy cellar, and New York River cruise are some of the places we didn’t get time visiting but you can. All the best on your trip to New York City.

Visit San Francisco, California

San Francisco is located on the West Coast of the United States. The area is known for its cultural diversity, scenic beauty, Victorian architecture, and hilly terrain.

With Halloween just around the corner, you can go on a haunted walking tour. If you want to be disturbed ghost hunt tour will be an option. The tour provides details about the supernatural history of San Francisco.

Here festivals focusing on spirits are done in October. Yerba Buena Night guarantees interesting entertainment. At the Pumpkin Patch, you don’t have to buy a pumpkin. There are many family-friendly activities.

Touring Alcatraz after dark is a pretty special experience. Alcatraz was a final stop for the nation’s most incorrigible prisoners.

You can go to a concert and enjoy notable musical performers. The bay area is home to popular sports teams. Don’t be surprised you can’t finish them all. Golden Gate Park contains several of San Francisco’s best landmarks.  

Visiting Miami Florida

Miami Florida is a coastal metropolis located in southeastern Florida. During October you can enjoy the South Beach Seafood Festival. The festival offers mouth-watering dishes.

Hitting up the Hard Rock Stadium for an outdoor movie is not exceptional. The outdoor cinema has weekend showings planned throughout October.

Not So Spooky Halloween is perfect for families. Kid’s friendly happening features interactive storytime. A pumpkin patch and a trick alley help young ones to enjoy.

The Horror land is a place you experience realm movies. Monsters, ghosts, and zombies jump up when you least expect it as you make your way to the haunted house.

If you drink beer, don’t look for somewhere else. Wynwood Flights offer the best-curated beers. If you are not a beer lover, you can dine out during Miami Spice. The choices will overwhelm you.

At pumpkin Patch Pinto’s farm, kids ride pedal boats, tractors, and ponies. Chinese lanterns at Jungle Island displays illuminated flowers, trees, and animals.

Lace-up your sneakers for the Halloween half Marathon. You can choose from a 4 miles marathon or 13.1 miles so don’t be stressed choose wisely.

Visiting Yosemite National Park California

Yosemite National Park is an American national park in Northern California. The Park is surrounded by Sierra National Forest and Stanislaus National Forest.

You can visit Yosemite Valley. The valley features top attractions like the Tunnel view Outlook and famous waterfalls. At Yosemite village, you will find plenty of amenities, campsites, lodgings, and nice hotels.

Yosemite’s Half Dome Cables Route is a trail about 14 to 16 miles long. Wear nice shoes because the trail has a steep ascent.

If you are not okay physically or you are afraid of heights don’t ascend the cables. Necessary hiking equipment and a flashlight are necessary during the hike.

Mariposa is one of three groves in the park. There are many sequoia trees in the Mariposa grove. You can also enjoy the waters in Lake Tenaya.

The lake perfectly reflects the surrounding granite peaks. Swimming is allowed in all parts of the Lake. Relax and enjoy sunbathing.

Visiting Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is located in West –Central Washington. The Park was established in 1899. In October the average temperature ranges from high 47.8F and low of 32.4F. Mount Rainier is a glacier-capped active volcano.

You can spend some time in paradise and is one of the most beautiful areas. The wildflowers, the waterfalls gushing from the snowmelt make the view gorgeous.  

Inside Paradise, you will visit Myrtle falls. It is a 1-mile trip that is relatively easy. If hungry a brunch at paradise inn will help. The restaurant is open all day.

Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming. The place is a result of volcanism and earthquakes. Most of the park consists of broad volcanic plateaus.

Yellowstone is known for many scenic lakes and rivers. You can watch geysers erupt and see giant, colorful hot springs.

Wild animals in their natural habitat can be seen. The Park is not a zoo but you will see several animals roaming the landscape.

Some of the animals I saw were the grizzly bears, wolves especially the gray ones, bison, eagles, and trumpeter swans.

Experience the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The pink and yellow canyon walls form the sides of three glorious waterfalls.

Take a hike in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks. A paddling trip is also fun, there are rafting trips available near all entrances. Spending a night or more under the stars is the best way to experience Yellowstone.

Have fun pretending to be a cowboy. Remember the boots and a hat to live a cowboy life.

Explore Yellowstone on horseback and ride past wildlife, valleys, and rivers. Fishing is an experience like no other, cast into the Yellowstone Lake or in Madison River.

Hunting for rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs in the museum on rock walls is something you should consider. Later immerse yourself in Native American Culture and have a story to tell.

Visiting Napa Valley California

Napa Valley is north of San Francisco California. The place is known for world-class wine. The beautiful countryside is not only beautiful in October but all year round.

I cannot forget the Napa Valley Train. The train gives you multiple meals of your choice. Napa Valley can’t miss in this list of best places to visit in the US in October.

An afternoon in Crane Park is really enjoyable. You can have a picnic or visit the playground with the kids. Visit an art gallery and explore the area by bike and later a relaxing spa. 

Napa Art Walk exhibits the best sculptures and sells them. A jury must assess them to make sure the end product is the best.

Try your luck at Napa Valley fly guide where the catch and release method for fishing is used. The Oxbow Public Market provides cocktail moments to help you relax.

You can’t miss Skyline Park. Tent camping, horse camping, trails for hiking, disc golf, archery, and Martha Walker Native plant garden is all available.

Woodhouse Chocolate Napa Valley offers a variety of chocolate bars and barks. Party gifts are also available.

Visiting Asheville North Carolina

Asheville is a city in western North Carolina. Trekking along one of the gorgeous Asheville hiking trails was really interesting. Chasing all the breathtaking waterfalls is no exception.

Craggy Gardens are a place to see wildflowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can experience the bountiful blooms by hiking.

Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest is sloped. The rock extends 60 feet in length. It is a stream falling freely into a pool below. The water glides down the rock into a 7-foot-deep pool below. This makes it perfect for water sliding.

At Mount Mitchell State Park, you will find a museum, a shop, and restrooms. The Park is free and open daily except on Christmas day.   

Strolling through one of the gorgeous local parks is one of the things that gave me peace of mind. You can bike in the mountains alone or with friends. 

Picnicking by the lake, meandering in the botanical garden, a visit to the arboretum, and watching birds at the Sanctuary are things you can do in few hours.

There are other places you can visit. The Biltmore, the Asheville Breweries, River Art District, the North Carolina Arboretum, and Fort Art Centre. 

Visiting Eastern Sierras

The Eastern Sierras is the remote east side of the Sierra Nevada region of California. Sierras runs along the eastern edge of the U.S                              

At Eastern Sierra is a tunnel dug by one man with two donkeys. It is half a mile long in the solid rock of copper mountains.

He later managed and discovered gold, silver, and copper during the dig. You can take a walk and see the commanding view of salt dale on the other side. 

Fossil Falls is another magnificent example of the forces of nature. This surreal canyon is a natural work of art, beautifully sculpted by eons of rushing water from a prehistoric age. 

The Tuttle Creek Ashram is considered a spiritual destination for people seeking solitude and enlightenment. You can climb lofty peaks and be closer to the heavens. View the world from another perspective.

A two-headed lamb, you will be able to see conjoined twins lamb. They were born joined in the neck but each has a complete body. They are displayed at Laws railway museum along with myriad other intriguing artifacts.

A gravity hill is a place I will visit more often. There is a particular spot where you will not experience the effects of gravity like you see anywhere else.

There are places I didn’t get a chance to visit but you can try. The pet cemetery, wagon wheel ruts in the rock, Crowley Lake columns, and the bishop visitor center.

Visiting North Cascade National Park

North cascade national park is located across the Skagit River in northern Washington State. The Park offers dramatic contrasting terrains ideal for outdoor adventure.

Cascadian Farm Stand is on your way to the North Cascade National Park. Their granola is super and you can grab some ice cream as you go on with the journey.  

The Visitors Centre is a place you can relax as you learn about the park. Gorge Creek Falls overlook trail is a short loop trail that led us to a place we could look at the Gorge Creek Falls.

Diablo Lake Overlook has a beautiful overlook on the bright blue lake. The Ross Lake overlook is beautiful. These bright lakes never get old. 

 Ross Lake is a reservoir and Diablo Lake overlook is stunning. They offer kayaking and there is ample parking, restrooms, and a covered picnic shelter.   

Visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan

Pictured Rocks are located in Munising, Michigan. It is a top Michigan vocational spot. The Rocks are beautiful and a unique experience like no other.

You can enjoy a fish at the Brown Fisheries Fish House. The active lighthouse sits surrounded by an astonishingly beautiful shoreline.

The majority of waterfalls in this area are a result of water running over a shelf or cliff. Tahquamenon Falls is located here and it is the 2nd largest state park.

You shall view of pictured rocks national lakeshore by water. The paddlers’ village will help you get close to the Pictured Rocks.

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Final Thoughts

The United States is a vast country. It can be difficult to know where to start or where and when to visit. There are many cities with known history for fun and glamour.

There are so many best places to visit in October and you will enjoy it even if that is the only time you have to travel.

Always plan your trip early. Pack what is needed and compile the ultimate travel bucket list. You can think of what you would like to do to choose a place.    

I wish you all the best as you plan your trip and I hope this post gave you some ideas on some of the best places you can visit in the US in October. Follow me on VisitingTravelers Pinterest for more.

20 Best Places To Visit In The US In October

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