What Is The Sunnyvale Trailer Park

Wondering what is the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, then keep reading. Sunnyvale can be expensive so it’s good to have a plan. The city is ranked at the top of the nation’s safest cities.

What is the Sunnyvale Trailer Park

Sunnyvale is a fictional trailer park in Nova Scotia. People know this trailer park because of the Canadian misfits who created a comedy of the 21 Century in this park.

The show is all about a group of criminals who never leave the trailer park. It is not just a film but one of the biggest and most loved comedies in the world.

We enjoyed being in the park but it was quite expensive being at the studio cabin. We paid $590 which can be compared to a 4+ star hotel in downtown Toronto. The cabin was tiny and Spartan.

Trailer Park Boys started its first show in Lower Sackville. Sunnyvale was established in 1977 but am not sure when it started. 

Where Is Sunnyvale Trailer Park Located

Sunnyvale Trailer Park is located in Nova Scotia Canada. In this plot of land, they bought and set it up to make it look like a trailer park. They have spread out to various locations in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

Some settings were filmed near Tufts cover in Dartmouth and a small number in Harbor Mews Apartments on Windmill Road. They do recordings of episodes during summer and winter.

When To Visit sunny Trailer Park

In Sunnyvale, the summers are long, warm, and arid. The winters are short, cold, and cloudy. The temperature varies from 44°F to 77°F and rarely below 36°F and above 87°F. There is 1 inch of snow per year.    

Things To Do at Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

During winter it is cold and snowy and there is nothing much to do in Sunnyvale Trailer Park. 99 % of the filming is done in a summer month.

The trailer park boys have been a staple of Canadian culture for more than 20 years. Some of the characters are Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian. They focused on the lives of petty criminals and their bizarre exploits.   

These comedians (Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles) have attained the rights to the IP which made them eminent.

Visit the city of Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is very peaceful and calm. The city is clean and green with Silicon Valley companies, apartments, and restaurants. For shopping, there is a typical suburban chain store. There is mild weather, a low crime rate, and parks.

Many young professionals and families live in Sunnyvale. The city can be considered the center of technology and innovation.

Zipline And Rock Climbing in Sunnyvale

One of the things I enjoyed was the ride. It was a recreation along the suspended inclined cable equipped with a pulley on a hill. We zipped for 3 hours and did not get bored.

Ziplining is considered dangerous than rock climbing. Most experts say that you can fight depression by rock climbing.

I can agree with them because the way I went to Sunnyvale Trailer Park is not the way I come out. That increased motivation helped me deal with challenges I was having in life back then.

Swimming At Sunnyvale Trailer Park

I don’t know whether it’s all the time but when I was there, the pool had so many people.  

The pool area is enclosed by a fence with strict rules about food and beverages. Water slides close at 5 pm; opening hours are at 10 am.

I love swimming because it is a total body workout. It helps in burning calories and helps in improving sleep. Other exercises can be challenging or impossible to complete for people of different ages and skills.

At times when am stressed, swimming relieves stress and anxiety. This makes me livelier and happier and when I finish, I feel accomplished that I did something.

Visit The Jail

It feels nice seeing the jail where the boys often end up cooling their heels between the TV seasons. You will get a picture of the school where Ricky got his grade 10; it’s just adjacent to the park.

Most windows are boarded up with plywood and are not smashed. The sea of the pastel-colored tin roof will leave you with memories. It is good to take photos as a reminder.

Visit the Penhorn Mall Shopping Centre

At Penhorn Mall shopping center you will get a clear view of where the boys did most of their get rich scams. It is a place where the three and their crew impoverished into cars with candy cane-shaped crowbars to get Christmas gifts to vend. It is also a place where Ricky was a security guard.

At this spot, Bubbles collects his cherished shopping carts by hurling them down the side of the hill.

Take Lunch At The Halifax

The restaurant is located in the prime spot in the downtown core. It is an easy stroll from the city’s trendy waterfront boardwalk area and its historic citadel.  

The restaurant carries the shopping cart theme. It has a googly-eyed exhibit sign deluged across its front. It is an homage to its thick spectacled owner Mike Bubbles Smith.  

The restaurant serves chicken fingers, hotdogs, and cheap booze. You can’t resist the aromas across the park from people’s cook fires and BBQs at all hours of the day.

Other places to visit in Sunnyvale

Other than the Sunnyvale Trailer there are other places to visit in Sunnyvale like the Baylands Park, the heritage park museum, the Rabbits Foot Meadery, the Starbird, the Seven Seas Park, and the Sunnyvale Golf Course.

Dishdash is a high-quality Middle Eastern restaurant that serves up traditional dishes. St John’s bar and grill is known for pound burgers, guaco bacon burgers, and pineapple teriyaki burgers.

Lace Museum is located in Sunnyvale Trailer Park and is dedicated to art and history.


The Sunnyvale Trailer Park started at lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. The Park has spread out to various locations in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).    

It is one of the places to visit while in Canada. If you decide to visit you will have a great time. I hope this post on what is the Sunnyvale Trailer Park was helpful. Share it and follow Visiting Travelers Pinterest.

What Is The Sunnyvale Trailer Park Canada

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