Best Places For Breakfast In Miami

The best places for breakfast in Miami that every traveler should check out when they get the opportunity. If you love breakfast, you will definitely remember the dishes in most of these places.

Best Places For Breakfast In Miami

There are all types of restaurants and hotels in Miami. You can decide to try them out depending on your budget. You can also decide to visit them based on the location as well as the types of food they offer.  

El Bagel

El Bagel is 1,200 square feet, with indoor and outdoor seating. It was opened in 2016 and was very hard for me to choose between incredible bagel sandwiches, guava jam, crispy potato sticks, or fried eggs.

My kids loved the restaurant’s bacon and roasted jalapeno and I like the way it gives you the perfect amount of heat. You can order online for whatever you need. They usually operate online between 8 am- 2 pm daily but close on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

You can enjoy the picnic tables behind their shop but is usually on a 1st come 1st served basis. People wake up early to order from their current takeout only spot in MiMo.

My sister took American cheese smashed between a fresh, warm bagel and she loved it.

Green Street Café

Some people call the Green Street Café seen and be seen. The restaurant was founded over 30 years ago by Sylvano Bignon. It has a friendly atmosphere and a good meeting place. I like the large sign on the mirror that says where there is love there is life.

There is an outside lounge with the friendliest hostess that told me to stay outside to avoid the heat. To my surprise, she took the time to give me the history of the café. The whole ambiance is welcoming.

I ate pancakes and they were delicious with their crispy edges. My daughter took an omelet with chive cream cheese. The café is also dog-friendly.

One of my friends took eggs scrambled with salsa and the other Cinnamon roll we enjoyed whatever we took.    

Daily Creative Food Co.

Daily Creative Food Co. has one of the best breakfast experiences. There is an amazing environment for eating along. The café is pet-friendly with delicious breakfast to be tasted. I have heard many people say that their breakfast dishes are served all day.

The Daily Creative Food Co. has a nice way to mix a plate of breakfast. They have one called New York Diner breakfast that includes bacon, sausage, toast with butter, and 3 eggs.

If you are a bit hungry they put 2 eggs over veggies and fried rice with fresh cilantro and crushed peanuts. I took pancakes topped with fresh berries, chocolate chips, maple syrup add bananas. My daughter decided to try scrambled eggs, feta, home fries, onions, tomatoes with white toast.

At the menu, there was via Mexico, Skinny scramble, Cuban Scramble, the Elvis, Tony Montana, Miami Vice, Challah French Toast, and the hangover.

Love Life Café

Love Life Café is clean and always has fresh ingredients. They make the breakfast with so much love and know how to display it. The café also offers online classes. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.

For breakfast, they usually have a lot to choose from. Egg and cheese Croissandwich. It is just a vegan croissant, egg patty, and cheddar cheese served with a side of golden fries.

You can have a spinach and cheese omelet. There is an avocado toast made from bread, sweet potato herb fries, and avocado.

They also have very tasty soups and salads. These salads include love life salad, taco salad, good karma, kale salad, and Wynwood salad. They also sell burgers, pizzas, bowls, burritos, and tacos.

Lots O’ Lox

Lots O’ Lox are known for hearty breakfasts but open at 7 am. Special breakfast is served every Monday-Friday from 7 am- 11 am excluding holidays. Their breakfast is fresh and well priced.

You can have cheese omelet, eggs, pancakes, and oatmeal. I did not see staff talking so much but if you’re the quiet type then this is your place.

Many people are prepared to wait in lines to wait for breakfast. This restaurant creates memories passed on to the next generations. The restaurant combines over 30 years of restaurant knowledge and tradition.

Honey Uninhibited

Honey Uninhibited is a cultural melting pot of Miami. The café was opened in 2019 but has quickly gained popularity. The owner Carlos Dunlop is very nice.

You will love the combination of metal and wood with vibrant art. They create an uninhibited locale with music, art, and décor.

They have good hospitality that refreshes and rewards their guests. Their vegan scramble offers a flavorful curry taste that leaves guests with the best compliments all the time instead of the Spanish omelet you can go for biscuit and sausage gravy.

Roasters and Toasters

Roasters and Toasters offer incredible breakfast. I still remember their scrambled eggs and bacon folded together with Swiss cheese on a grilled Kaiser roll. Breakfast is served all day.

A friend told me about their kitchen sink omelet which I tried with onions and was not disappointed. It was very delicious and filling. My daughter tried their coffee and she said it was pretty decent as well. The rainbow cookies were also good.

They also have slices of avocado and black olives served with toast. Their spring mix salad topped with diced tomatoes and cucumbers is very nice. Dishwashers take pride in cleaning and maintaining multiple areas.

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Miami has a lot of cool and fun places to visit and enjoy the food. When you visit Miami, try out some of the breakfast options that you would not normally have at home.

Experimenting with food is a great way to enjoy your travel adventures. There are a lot of modern as well as traditional breakfast options in Miami.

I hope this post on the best places for breakfast in Miami gave you some ideas on hotels, restaurants, and cafes that you should check out.

Enjoy your breakfast and don’t forget to follow Visiting Travelers Pinterest for more awesome travel ideas.

Best Places For Breakfast In Miami Florida

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