Cool Places In Arkansas

There are many cool places in Arkansas to visit. Arkansas is one of the beautiful states in the U.S. It is known for its abundant parks, wilderness areas, and world capital for quartz.

Cool Places In Arkansas

I used to hear that Arkansas is filled with mountains, caves, streams, and springs. When I visited, I was not disappointed and saw many beautiful places and had fun things to do.

Crater of the Diamonds State Park

Crater of the Diamonds is a plowed field on a 15.2 ha on which visitors can hunt for diamonds. The discovery center will offer you ideas on what digging for diamonds is all about.

The Park is situated over an eroded lamproite volcanic channel. At a small fee, you are allowed not only to enter but to dig for diamonds and other gemstones.

You are allowed to keep any precious thing you find no matter the value. Mining equipment is allowed that is not motor-driven or uses a battery.

They also have walking trails, campsites; diamond springs water parks, and picnic sites.

Rush Ghost Town

Rush Ghost Town is found at a property flanking the Buffalo National River. It was hard for me to believe that people could have lived in some of these areas.

You can view Rush via walking trails and across a driving tour. There are lots of signs showing photos with a history of what happened and where it happened.

We were not allowed in the structures for safety reasons. We saw 5 structures and some parts of the mill about a quarter-mile further down the road.

There is a tent camping area where the Rush Creek meets the Buffalo River and a canoe put-in area on the buffalo itself. Rush was an old mining town. 

Boggy Creek Monster

Boggy Creek is a secluded waterway in which people believed to have seen a strange beast. They described the beast as large and hairy with a human-being structure.

Many people have given witness accounts of having seen the creature in the past. The Monster stands between seven and eight feet tall and weighs roughly 300 pounds.

People of Fouke have stated that they saw the monster 40 times in 1997. A local known as Elizabeth made claims that the same monster attacked their home.

There are also claims that it had tossed Bobby to the ground. Three-toed footprints were found near their house.

You can take pictures with a form of the Boggy Creek Monster at Peavey’s Monster Mart. They also sell souvenirs and trinkets based on the beast. They have an erected large wooden cutout outside the store.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Woodland is a botanic garden located at Arkridge Road. The garden is owned by the University of Arkansas and is 210 acres.

The garden is absolutely beautiful and pathways wind through mostly shared gardens. Don’t know whether you will be welcomed by the resident peacock as we did.

The gardens have beautiful floral landscapes and the rocky Ouachita Mountains. There are also pretty waterfalls and streams. Its collections display rare shrubs, trees, and different types of azaleas.

We were only allowed to walk and enjoy the garden but bicycles, skates, and rollerblades were not allowed.

There are different attractions that you can visit including the Anthony Chapel and the Sunny Evans Treehouse.

Flowering water features and bridges contribute to the serenity of the place. If you like such features check this post on cool places to visit in New Mexico.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Turpentine Creek is a refuge for abandoned, neglected, and abused big cats on 186 hectares of land. Tigers are more than other animals but you will see lions, black bears, leopards, and more.

Turpentine is accredited by the global federation of animal sanctuaries. It is fun watching these magnificent felines roam, play, eat and relax.

This nonprofit organization refuge was founded in 1992. They offer several opportunities for guests to see and learn about animals on-site, keeper talks, and special events.

You can stay at Eureka Springs and enjoy exciting things or Beaver Lake Cottages with charming lakeside cabins.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is positioned in Pulaski County. There is an iconic landmark surrounded by bottomlands.

There are more than 40 miles of hiking trails, an Arboretum, picnic tables, and a playground. It is one of the cool places in Arkansas.

There are 3 main trailheads all with parking areas. The cone shape appearance invites travelers and residents to ascend to its peaks for breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and hills.

756 feet from the plain, Pinnacles rocky peak reaches an elevation of 1, 011 feet above sea level. The mountain was formed by the collision of two continental plates of the earth’s crust.

The Park provides environmental protection for an unspoiled tract of hills, waterways, and forests. Various habitats provide many outdoor recreation and educational opportunities.

There are picnic sites, launch ramps, eight hiking trails, and standard pavilions.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridge Museum of American Art is a series of seven concrete, wood pavilions, and glass set along a stream bed. The museum was founded by Alice Walton.

We were able to see temporary galleries, meeting areas, a library, sculpture gardens, and walking trails. This is an awesome site to visit for fans of the country’s sculptors, photographers, and painters.

The structures are formed by hanging cables and a series of glued laminated pipe timbers. It takes two to three hours to walk through the museum.

You can buy some gifts for your loved ones at the gift shop on site. The walk-through offers unique art sculptures.

Picnic packages are available between 11 am to 5 pm every day while the museum is open. The picnic package includes food, drinks, and a basket to take home.

Walmart Museum Bentonville

Walmart Museum Bentonville is home to exhibits and artifacts of Walmart’s history. The museum aims to honor Walmart’s legacy, demonstrate its core values and cast a vision of Walmart tomorrow.

The museum is free and we were able to learn how everything started for Walmart, who are their heirs. There is also Sam Walton’s office and truck.

There was a quick intro video with Doug McMillion who was the current CEO of Walmart at the beginning of the tour. We also bought toys and games at a fair price.

One hour was plenty of time for the visit. Spark café offers ice cream treats that you get to enjoy in the fifties setting.

Final Thoughts

During our trip we noticed that Arkansans are obsessed with Hogs, Rotary tillers move a bit faster there, and Boggy Creek Monster is always watching.

The residents use guns for hunting so don’t be surprised when you hear gunshots. Nature is also super underrated and the humidity is pretty crushing.

You will never leave a restaurant with an empty stomach. Be keen because the older generation calls lunch dinner and dinner supper.

Enjoy your trip as you visit all the cool places in Arkansas. Please share the post and also follow me on Visiting Travelers Pinterest for more travel ideas.

Cool Places In Arkansas Guide

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