Best Islands In Greece For Couples

Read on the best islands in Greece for couples that are excellent vacation destinations. Greece is known for its natural beauty and fascinating culture. On these islands, you can have dates together, get a couple of massages, go on double dates, and stargaze at rooftops.

Best Islands In Greece For Couples

Visiting Greece as a couple will allow you to express and explore romantic settings with your loved one. You will enjoy the quiet island getaway and also be in the epicenter of ancient European history.

I know planning and deciding on where to go can be hard. That is why I have made your work easy. Here are the best Islands in Greece for couples:

Corfu Island Vacation For Couples

Renting a scooter and riding around the Island will give you a perfect opportunity to take in all the scenery. You will also have sufficient time to take photos.

There are little taverns that you can enjoy as a couple. You can also admire the architecture which you might not have seen before.

Corfu beaches are very beautiful, gorgeous, and have clean waters. The beach is amazing, you can swim together or snorkel.  

The Island is a paradise for nature lovers. You can also pack a picnic basket and enjoy it for lunch. The hotels here are memorable and perfect.

Gorge at Agni Bay has a history as a fishing village. If you and your partner love seafood then this is the place to be. Together with your partner explore the old town of Corfu. That time you spend together will be memorable.

If you are Christians, visit St. George’s Church together. This place looks like a Doric temple and you will receive your blessings. At times concerts are held inside.

Corfu Islands is considered one of the best sunset islands. Am sure your partner will enjoy chilling, and watching the sunset.

Santorini Island for Couples

Santorini Island is beautiful and is perfect for couples, newlyweds, and honeymooners. One of Santorini’s attractions is its smoldering volcanic landscape.  

Watch the beautiful sunset in Oia. You can find a perfect spot in the town itself. The place also has the best hotels. You can relax at their amazing pools. Wine tasting and sunset yacht cruises are geared towards couples.

Santorini has the most amazing views and characteristic villages. The quaint village of Pyrgos is built on a hill. It will give you a good view of the village.

The locals are super friendly and are happy to engage travelers. Remember to take photos and create lasting memories. You can decide to take a day hike to the top of Santorini Volcano. Good hiking shoes will make it easier.

Mykonos Island Vacation

This Island is also known as the party capital of Greece. It is a great choice for those looking to increase the spark in their relationship.

Together you can discover the Kato Myloi windmills in Chora. Taking a boat trip to the archaeological site of Delos is an awesome plan. The island is inhabited and you can use the ships that depart daily from Mykonos old harbor.  

Mykonos has villas, hotels, and Greek architecture. Their island restaurants make delicious food. They also have the best clubs and best bars.

There are plenty of quite beautiful spots where you can relax and enjoy yourself. The nightlife here is very entertaining, with great music and lights.

A walk around the old port is a great idea. Many cafes and restaurants are overlooking the sea. At the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, you will find vases, vessels, and sculptures on display. You can get one sculpture for your lover.

Thank God for your relationship at Panagia Paraportiani. This church is beautiful with white-washed walls reflecting the sunlight.

You can challenge your partner on a bicycle tour. I know you are doing it for fun but chances are it may lead you to beautiful destinations.

Zakynthos Island For Couples

Zakynthos is another nice island you should consider. It is tiny but has clear waters and pristine sandy beaches. Your partner will be pleased with delicious Greek food and the quaint little village.

You and your partner can enjoy a boat tour of the blue caves. The caves and the waters are blue.

Zakynthos is a party destination for the younger generation. The two of you can dance the night away. Take time to visit the Navagio Shipwreck. It has become one of the famous beaches.

The place offers beautiful nature and incredible views. Don’t forget to take pictures. It is the most photographed spot in Greece.

For a beautiful scene, visit the Marathonisi. It is a turtle island located across the beach of Keri. You can access it by taking a short boat ride.  

Your time together is very precious. Have fun at the Tsilivi Waterpark. The place has slides, pools, water playgrounds, and even a pirate ship. There are free sunbeds that can be used for relaxation.

The Porto Limnionas beach will be a place for nature lovers. If your partner is one of them let him or her enjoy it. The water shines in beautiful turquoise tones.

Paros Couples vacation

Paros lies between Santorini and Mykonos. The Island doesn’t receive many visitors so you will have it to yourselves. It is relatively cheap compared to the other islands including the accommodations.

This Island has beaches that are as nice as those in Santorini. Navagio beach is one of them. It has white sand and blue water. The beach can be viewed from the top of the cliff. The golden beach also offers windsurfers, kayaks, paddleboards, and wakeboards.

The island has a party scene that is thriving and has windsurfing. The main activity here is beach hopping and kite surfing.

There is a place in the village of Naousa where couples go fishing. The place is quiet but expensive. It is possible to get a cheap and cheerful meal at the back street. Piso Livadi offers great seafood dishes.

If you want to surprise your partner visit the town of Lefkes. You will find jewelry, crafts, local pottery, and honey. It is one of the best islands in Greece for couples who want to create memories together.

Naxos Island for Couples

Naxos is one of the Largest Islands in Greece. The Island has beautiful beaches. It has several bus services and ferry services. There is less tourism development and the nightlife is super.

Naxos is famous for kite surfing and windsurfing. You can lie down on the longest beach. There are water sports and you can go trekking in the mountains. There are refreshing dips under the waterfalls like the Routsouna’s waterfall.

With your partner, you can explore the island from the back of a horse. Doing it in the evening will be amazing because you can enjoy the nice view of the sunset.

Couples enjoy the taste of local cuisine. The island produces cheese and potatoes. Some local dishes include liver and herbs, pork with garlic and wine, and braised beef with eggplant.

Learn how to cook at domestic god/ goddess with a Naxos cooking class and surprise your partner. You can also go together to improve your cooking skills.

The most romantic thing to do in Naxos is visiting Portara sunset. A walk around this magical location allows you to view the town illuminated by night lights.

Visit Rhodes Island For Couples

The couples who want to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine should be at Rhodes. The Island has developed tourism attraction sights.

The town is amazing and easy to walk through. The streets are flat and large. The island has nice hotels, resorts, and beaches.

Rhode’s city is crescent-shaped. When you visit the place as a couple, don’t worry if you get lost. It is all part of the fun.

Visit the palace of the grandmaster of the Knights of Rhodes, it’s a beautiful place. The castle belongs to Rhodes City’s World Heritage Site.

The archaeological museum of Rhodes is a place to visit as couples. You will find astonishing mosaics, as well as the medieval tombs and a lion holding the head of a bull.

Mandraki port is fun to explore on foot. It is the northernmost of Rhodes city’s three harbors.

Los Island for Couples

Los is located in the north of Santorini. The famous Mylopotas beach is located here. There are ferry rides between the two islands. You can sit at one of the cafes in the port and watch the ferries arrive.

There is a tiny restaurant in Los. The outdoor seating and the weather are very pleasant. You can eat at the Octopus Tree. The fried zucchini fritters were the best thing I had and are very tasty.

A party at Pathos Beach Club is something you will not forget. It is one of the places where you will enjoy yourself peacefully. There is a restaurant, a pool, and a bar.

Party in the Chora and meet new people from different cultures. The parties go on late into the night making people sleep late.

You can also enjoy the beach in the afternoon. There is a white-lined staircase from Chora that is best for hiking. As you walk you will come along hotels and hostels.

Crete Island for Couples

Crete is one of the most affordable and largest of all Greek Island. The food and accommodation are affordable. The island produces most of its goods. There are sandy beaches and thriving seaside towns.

Crete has more fusion and experimental cuisine. Active couples like trekking and hiking on this Island. You can both discover the beautiful beaches of Chania.

Catching a ferry together is fun. The ferry can take you to Loutro. Kissing on top of a Ferris wheel is allowed.

If you are experienced hikers, you can walk all the way to the other side. There is a mountain trail that connects you to the village. You can also swim at the hidden beaches of Illingas while on the way.

Both of you can admire the Turkish Architecture in the Old Town of Rethymnon. Explore the fantastic Venetian mansions with wooden balconies.

Sunbathing on the palm tree beach of Vai is an option. The area near Lasithi has scenic views and has the cleanest beaches. The place is considered remote and that will make the two of you have a great private time together.

At the beach of Vai, there are date palm trees. The area is protected from strong winds and sea currents. You will get amenities like restaurants, showers, and lifeguards.

Tasting the strong local spirit is an option. Be aware that the spirit is homemade and has high alcohol content. It is served after every meal together with fresh fruit.

Skopelos Island for Couples

Skopelos is not known by many but it is picture-perfect. There is a small natural amphitheater and nice restaurants, bars, and cafes. Walking together in the old town will be fun. This will show you the island’s oldest churches, and bars.

Kastani is one of the famous beaches where the Mamma Mia movie was filmed. There is a wedding chapel from the movie and the places that Amanda Seyfried’s and Dominic cooper’s shots were taken.

Glossa is the second largest town. You can have your lunch there and enjoy views as far as Skiathos. Later you can wander around the quiet, car-free, blue, and white streets.

You can have fun hiring a soft-top jeep. Explore the wide, coastal roads and see the island. Head to the sun loungers at Linarakia which is at the north end of the cove and enjoy the service.

There is a bar behind the old town that doesn’t have a sign. It is past the town hall and overlooks the ocean. You will follow the stairs up.

The place has colorful chairs which are laid out facing the sea. This bar is a good place for the sundowner.  

Sendoukia Carved graves are a large sheet of bare rock near the crest of mount Kyra. The place has signs of human intervention in form of ancient graves cut from stone. They don’t look like graves, fear not. They are four slabs of slate turned over.

You can also enjoy boat trips, water sports, diving, Limnonari beach, Venetian Castle among others.

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Final Thoughts

Each of the Greek islands has its unique charms. The gorgeous beaches, delicious dishes, and ancient ruins will make you not think twice about visiting Greece.

You can take a spontaneous trip and check in to a romantic hotel. In some of them, you can enjoy romantic swims and baths.

The things you can do in Greece are endless. No matter what kind of couple you are, there is something for you.

I hope this post on the best islands in Greece for couples gave you some ideas on places to visit as well as awesome things to do.

Please share the post with fellow travelers and also follow me on Visiting Travelers Pinterest. Enjoy your trip to the islands in Greece!

Best Islands In Greece For Couples on a budget

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